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The Overview

In the DaLyfe RP, you have the option of playing as one of many things. At the time of this writing, you can be one of many things, from a regular old Joe, running the block with a gang, or hunting down bad guys with the PD. With many more things to come the possibilities will be endless.


As a member of DaLyfe RP, your character must follow a certain set of rules and regulations.

Your character will retain the same name and history or backstory through all roleplays you attend (This is to add character development and gives you a sense of achievement as you rise from poor to rich.)

Not everyone starts with a gun as soon as they start roleplaying.

Everyone will start as a civilian until they branch off (if they do) into the different organizations provided by the admin team.

All new members will start off as poor, through roleplay work you will begin to acquire money allowing you to purchase new cars and homes later on

The goal in our roleplay is to NOT get KILLED or ARRESTED.

If your character is killed in roleplay, it must be shown through use of a journal and posted in the appropriate forum, depending on how genuine the journal is, the admin team will determine whether or not your character is dead within the roleplay.

If your character is killed and you choose to start a new character, you are allowed to inherit your previous wealth if you share the same last name as your previous character.

If you are arrested, you will have a sentence if the situation calls for it and you will have to use a temporary character if you wish to participate in Roleplay lobbies

Your character should develop as you yourself see fit, we do not force you to participate in lobbies or make your character for you. We do not hold your hand in roleplays, we are roleplayers ourselves and don't go out of our way to try and include you somehow. Use initiative when roleplaying, find ways yourself to get involved!

OOC  Rules

These rules can be punishable by permanent website ban

NO using any racial slurs or offensive stereotypes as common use on the website

NO being sexist or using any offensive stereotypes as common use on the website.

NO taking out of character situations into rp; i.e you cannot get mad at something that happens out of roleplay and take it into roleplay as a way of getting revenge for something. So you cannot whack someone for beating you in a game of Fortnut and then whack them for it in the roleplay. 

NO taking in character situations out of character, the vice versa of the prior rule.

NO metagaming. Metagaming is the process of using information you would not normally know about in a roleplay to your advantage against other roleplayers. For example if someone were to post their work in the form of an imgur album on the website, you would not know this happened unless you are told in roleplay by someone who was told originally or by someone in the album.

NO Godmodding in roleplay. This is a form of roleplay in which you make another persons character perform an action they normally would not do. So saying things like *(Insert character name* tries to punch me but I dodge and take them down* is Godmodding and is not allowed.

NO, and I repeat, NO forced sexual conduct with other players in or out of roleplay. THIS WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT I.P BAN FROM THIS WEBSITE.

NO passive mode in a roleplay session by any means, if you have to go AFK by any means (it's understandable) please go into a apartment, garage, and or leave the session to avoid risking your character being killed off unfairly.

NO auto-aim roleplay sessions allowed. All members who start a roleplay session must start their sessions in free-aim lobbies.

NO RDM (Random Deathmatches). You cannot randomly begin to shoot and kill other members without reason. So no coming in and randomly killing members because you aren't interested or are bored.

NO harassing players out of character. Please respect other players private lives. THIS WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT I.P BAN AND POSSIBLE LEGAL ACTION.

No roleplay relationships with minors. Anyone aged 18+ cannot have a roleplay relationship with someone who is not 18+. Pushing for this kind of relationship is extremely looked down upon and will not be tolerated on our website. THIS WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT I.P BAN AND POSSIBLE LEGAL ACTION.


Please respect all the rules stated above so that we may have an inviting community to be apart of!

In Character Rules

NO breaking RP. 

NO breaking immersion. Be realistic and act like you would in a real life situation.

NO armed or armored vehicles unless permitted by an admin.

NO griefing or trolling.  

NO cop-baiting. You shouldn't be harassing cops to chase you OR harass them in a rude way to get them to do something against you.

NO "poofing." Poofing is the action of making things randomly appear in roleplay. Poofing can also be seen as "I had my contact deliver me..."

STICK with your character. If your characters backstory doesn't involve being a pilot, then you shouldn't be seen being a pilot in roleplay. 

DON'T use items you haven't earned in roleplay. 

DON'T abuse leadership roles. If you're a dirty police commissioner, don't fire or suspend all the clean cops because it doesn't fit your narrative.

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May your neighbors respect you
Trouble neglect you
Angels protect you
And heaven accept you

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